3d people and SEO. Business metaphor

Tüm SEO’cular işlerini doğru şekilde yapmak için tulları kullanıyorlar. Bir sürü tulardan, nasıl hangisin kullancağımız öğrenebiliriz?

Aşağıda 200’den fazla SEO tuları var. Açıklamaları İngilizce, fakat free :  ücretsiz ve paid : ücretli olarak öğrenirseniz, diğer şeyleri siteleri deneyerek bulabilirsiniz.


Advanced Meta Tags GeneratorEasily create meta tags for your web pages using HTML coding.HTML ToolFree
Agent Switcher extensionAdds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of a browser.Browser ExtensionFree
AhrefsOffers a large index and nice anchor text distribution chartsLink Building/ResearchFree+Paid
AlexaAnalytics and demographic data about any websiteAnalyticsFree
Analyse SEOFind page speed, and view descriptions, titles, and moreOn Site AnalysisFree
Anchor Text Over Optimization ToolType in URL and get full report of potential bad SEO linksOn Site AnalysisFree
Banana TagCheck your email open rates from Gmail.Email ManagementFree+Paid
Bing Webmaster ToolsLike Google Webmaster Tools but for BingAnalyticsFree
BitlyLink shortening plus analyticsLink shorteningFree
BoomerangReminder for follow up emails, and email schedulingEmail ManagementFree
Broken Link FinderDiscovery broken links in your niche by keywordBroken LinksPaid
BrowseoA web app that allows you to view any webpage without distractions caused by stylesBrowser ExtensionFree
BufferFinds optimal times to share on social mediaSocial Media ToolFree
BuiltWithFind what technology any website was built with – competitive analysisCompetitive IntelligenceFree
Bulk Check DomainsBulk Domain Checker tool to check the Google Page Rank, Domain Authority (via Open Site Explorer) and MozRank (via SEOmoz) just typing in your URL the once.Bulk Metrics CheckerFree
Bulk HTTP Header Response Checker & Comparison ToolReturns the HTTP response code for a list of URLs, and includes which URL they are redirected toHTTP CheckerFree
Buzzstream Tools SuiteOutreach platform for link buildingOutreachFree
Caption TubeCreate captions for YouTubeVideoFree
chartelligenceOverlays extended business information on charts.AnalyticsFree
CincopaUpload any video format file to your Cincopa account and embed it anywhere you want in less than a minute.VideoFree+Paid
CircleCountPowerful analytics for G+AnalyticsFree
CloudFlareCDN and a security service to provide your website with speed and safety.Website SpeedFree
CognitiveSEOSuite of tools like backlink checking, rank tracking and moreMulti ToolsFree+Paid
CompeteCompetitve analysis and data intelligenceCompetitive IntelligenceTrial+Paid
Content Strategy Generator ToolPlan your content strategy based on KR and audience sizeContent Generation/PromotionFree
Convert Word Documents to Clean HTMLConverys word docs to HTMLContent Generation/PromotionFree
Cookie ConsentA free, open source solution to the EU cookie lawCookie Consent PluginFree
CopyscapePlagiarism checker and a duplicate-content checkerDuplicate Content CheckerFree
CrawlerFXA site crawler that reviews a site’s SEO in 1-2 minutesSite CrawlerFree
DNS Lookup, NS, CNAME, TXT and MX Record LookupLookup Mail Exchanger, Name Server, Canonical Name, Sender Policy Framework and Start of Authority Records of a website.Hosting and DNSFree
Domain Hunter PlusChecks for domain availability and broken linksBroken LinksFree
Duplicate ContentCheck for duplicate contentDuplicate Content CheckerFree
Easel.lyFree tools for creating and sharing inforgraphicsImagesFree
Email FormatHelps you find the proper structure for thousands of companies and organizations across the web.Email ManagementFree
FindPeopleonPlusThe ultimate, sortable Google+ directorySocial Media ToolFree
FireBugBrowser plug-in to test the speed of your siteWebsite SpeedFree
FollowerwonkTrack your followers via TwitterSocial Media ToolFree
Frobee Robots.txt Checkerchecks your robot.txt file for errorsRobots Text CheckerFree
GeositemapgeneratorGeositemap generator generates the HTML (in Microformats or Schema.org) for your websiteHTML ToolFree
GetListedScores your local SEO and gives actional next stepsAnalyticsFree
Google AlertsEmail updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries.Content Generation/PromotionFree
Google AnalyticsWebsite analytics, by GoogleAnalyticsFree
Google Analytics APIFor building custom reports and tools, and pulling data straight into Excel or Google Docs.AnalyticsFree
Google Analytics DebuggerLoads the debug version of the Google Analytics Javascript for all sites you browse using Google Chrome.AnalyticsFree
Google analytics pluginAllows you to track your blog easily and with lots of metadata.AnalyticsFree
Google Keyword PlannerGoogle’s tool for keyword researchContent Generation/PromotionFree
Google Map MakerContribute to public map information, which may be shared and incorporated into Google Maps.MapsFree
Google PageSpeed InsightsTools, data, and insights to improve your page speed.Website SpeedFree
Google Penalty CheckerFind out which Google update impacted your website in 2 minutes or less.Penalty CheckerFree
Google Public DataLeverages public databases for content research, infographics, and more.Content Generation/PromotionFree
Google SERP Snippet Optimization ToolSee how your snippet may appear in Google’s search results. Add structured data, review stars, and more.HTML ToolFree
Google Structured Data Testing ToolVerify your markup with Scheme/microformatsHTML ToolFree
Google TrendsSee what’s trending in Google search results and view keyword search popularity over time.Content Generation/PromotionFree
Google WebmasterSuite of diagnostic and health tools for site owners.AnalyticsFree
Page GraderPage GraderSEOFree
GTmetrixPage speed analyzerWebsite SpeedFree
HootsuiteSocial media management platformSocial Media ToolTrial+Paid
IFTTTAllows you to create automatic triggers between various appsProductivityFree
IIS SEO ToolkitAnalyze SEO aspects like your site’s content, structure, and URLs for search engine spiders.On Site AnalysisFree
Infogr.amEasily create graphics and data visualizations.ImagesFree
Internet Marketing Ninjas SEO ToolsOnline tools offered by The NinjasMulti ToolsFree
IP Address Number ConverterConvert IP Address to IP Number and vice versa.Reverse IP Domain LookupFree
JingA computer service that lets you capture basic video, animation, and still images, and share them on the web.VideoFree
Keyword EyeKeyword research + visualizationsKeyword ResearchFree+Paid
KnowEmCheck social profiles for availability, brandingSocial Media ToolPaid
KombinatorMakes combining/merging of keywords so much easier.Keyword ResearchFree
Link AssistantLink building, emailing etc.Link Building/ResearchPaid
Link ProspectorUncover the links that will improve your rankings.Link Building/ResearchTrial+Paid
LinkParserFree Firefox addon for webmasters and SEOsBrowser ExtensionFree
LinkstantAlerts you anytime someone links to your websiteLink Building/ResearchFree
Linksy.me Email GuesserHelps find email addressesEmail ManagementFree
longtailproFind Profitable Keywords Faster Than Ever BeforeKeyword ResearchPaid
LxrmarketplaceInput keyword reports from Google AdWords and AdCenter with basic columns like Campaign, AdGroup, Keyword, Match Type, Clicks, Cost, and more.Keyword ResearchFree
LxrmarketplaceInbound link checkerLink Building/ResearchFree
LxrmarketplaceAnalyze your landing page URLs and find out which landing pages are not workingOn Site AnalysisFree
LxrmarketplaceDetermines the return on investment for your online marketing campaignsROI CalculatorFree
LxrmarketplaceTracks change happening on your competitors’ webpages, at the frequency of your choice.Webpage MonitorFree
MailTester.comTest an email to see if it is verifiedEmail ManagementFree
Majestic SEOCrawling technology and free chartsLink Building/ResearchPaid
Majestic SEO APIbacklink data APILink Building/ResearchFree
MajesticSEOImprove your link building strategy.Link Building/ResearchFree
Market SamuraiHelp finding lucrative nichesKeyword ResearchPaid
Marketing GraderTo get a quick overview of current state of online marketing.AnalyticsFree
mergewordsMerge words, fast and easy. Use it for domain registrations, Google Adwords, whatever.Content Generation/PromotionFree
Meta Tag AnalyzerSEO tool to help webmasters analyze their web pages and Meta TagsOn Site AnalysisFree
Meta Tags ExtractorExtracts meta tags from a websiteHTML ToolFree
Microdata GeneratorMicrodata Generator for adding Schema.org tags to your site.HTML ToolFree
Mobilio DevelopmentDesktop tool for crawling websites and seeing how spider sees a siteOn Site AnalysisFree
Moz AnalyticsDashboard of all your important marketing data in one place with actionable analyticsAnalyticsPaid
MozBarSEO toolbar allows for dozens of tasks done in your browserBrowser ExtensionFree
MozCastDaily weather report of SERPs changesanalyticsFree
MozcheckRetrieves Moz.com data (E.g. page and domain authority) for URLs on bulk.analyticsFree
Mozscape APIMozscape API and dataanalyticsFree
MyBlogGuestFind guest blogging opportunitiesContent Generation/PromotionFree
NibblerCreate a profile and showcase all your websitesContent Generation/PromotionFree
nTopicGives your content a relevancy score and offers keyword suggestions to improve it.On Site AnalysisFree
Open Site ExplorerSee backlinks, anchor text, popularity metrics and more.Link Building/ResearchFree
OptimizelyEasy A/B testing and analytics for CROA/B TestingPaid
PageSpeed InsightsPageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster.Website SpeedFree
Panguin ToolLinks with GA to see if you’ve been hit with a penalty, and if so which one.Penalty CheckerFree
Permutation GeneratorTo generate combinations, with or without repetition, to a specific set lengthContent Generation/PromotionFree
PiktochartAn easy infographic generator.ImagesFree
PingdomSpeed testingWebsite SpeedFree
PiwikLightweight web analyticsAnalyticsFree
Position Checker ToolCheck the position of a website in search engine results with specific keywordsRank TrackingFree
PowerMapperAutomatic site map creation toolHTML ToolPaid
PowToonCreate engaging animated videos and presentationsVideoFree+Paid
PPC HeroAnalyze PPC CompetitionKeyword ResearchFree
Rank Checker for FirefoxChecks rankings with one clickRank TrackingFree
RankCrackerMatthewWoodward’s tool for collecting competitor backlinks and how to replicate themBacklink AnalysisFree
RapportiveFind personal information for your contacts to build rapportEmail ManagementFree
RavenSEO, content, and research toolsMulti ToolsPaid
Raven ToolsToolset for online marketing campaignsAnalyticsTrial+Paid
Redirect CheckChecks a number of different URLs for your homepage, and reports back on the response code given by each.Redirect CheckerFree
regex coachFinds broken linksBroken LinksFree
Remove Duplicate ItemsSuite of link building toolsMulti ToolsFree
RmoovClean up your backlinksLink Building/ResearchFree
Robots.txt CheckerChecks for errors in your Robots.txtRobots Text CheckerFree
Robots.txt GeneratorGenerates robot.txtHTML ToolFree
RowFeederTrack social usernames, hashtags and keywords and load that information into ExcelSocial Media ToolFree+Paid
Schema CreatorHelps writing schema/microformatsHTML ToolFree
Scoop.itContent curation platform that discovers relevant content for you based on topic and keyword inputsContent Generation/PromotionFree+Paid
Scraper for ChromeScrape a website with this pluginHTML ToolFree
Screaming FrogA powerful website crawling tool with a ton of features and customizationsHTML ToolFree
SE AuditorProgram for analyzing web pages for search engines.On Site AnalysisFree
Searchmetrics Visibility ChartsTrack the search visibility of any websiteRank TrackingFree
Seer ToolboxInternal tool box from SeerMulti ToolsFree
SEMrushPaid and organic keyword dataCompetitive IntelligenceFree
SEO Analysis ToolAnalyze and measure the ranking potential of your web pagesAnalyticsFree
SEO CrawlerCheck the health of yours or competitors sites, broken link building and to research contentAnalyticsFree+Paid
SEO for FirefoxCollects marketing data points directly in the search results.Competitive IntelligenceFree
SEO QuakeBrowser plug-in to improve your website’s performance.Browser ExtensionFree
SEO Rank MonitorOffers Mobile ranking, Data visualisation, Tracking actions and spying competitor websitesAnalyticsPaid
SEO SpyglassChecks your back linksLink Building/ResearchPaid
SEO ToolbarToolbar showing backlinks and competitive research.Browser ExtensionFree
SEO Tools for ExcelNiels Bosma’s SEO Tools for ExcelMulti ToolsFree
SEO WeatherSupplies event tracking code for GAAnalyticsFree
SEO WeatherBulk check a list of URL’s for PageRank, Domain Authority, Page Authority and IP addressesBulk Metrics CheckerFree
SEO WeatherTrim your URL’s to the root domain and add standard prefixes to the beginning of URL’sLink shorteningFree
SEOgadget Links APIThe SEOgadget Links API lets you easily gather backlink data and contact informationCompetitive IntelligenceFree
SEOgadget ToolsGadget lab tools include several Excel plugins, a content strategy generator, and more.Multi ToolsFree
SEOlyticsSimplifies your daily SEO tasksAnalyticsFree
SeoptimerWebsite review and SEO audit toolOn Site AnalysisFree
SEOQuakeRaw data for SEOsCompetitive IntelligenceFree
SERPSerp trackerRank TrackingFree
SerpFoxShows you where you are ranking for your keywords, overtimeRank TrackerFree+Paid
SERPmetricsSERPmetrics flux charts track the flux for US search results across Yahoo, Bing and Google over a 30-day periodRank TrackingFree
SERPWooNiche Serp trackerRank TrackingFree+Paid
SharedCountHow content was shared across social mediaSocial Media ToolFree
Similar Page CheckerCheck for duplicate content issuesDuplicate Content CheckerFree
Similar Text FinderDuplicate Content CheckerDuplicate Content CheckerFree
SimilarWebCompetitive intelligence across a number of online industriesCompetitive IntelligencePaid
Site-analyzerAnalyse your website and generate a multi-point audit sorted by category (accessibility, design, texts, multimedia and networking)AnalyticsFree
SitebeamHide the Sitebeam name, add your own logo and customise the login screen, favicon, etcContent Generation/PromotionPaid
Site CondorA Site analysis tool for digital marketingSite AnalysisFree+Paid
SitelinerCheck duplicate content, broken links, XML sitemap, internal page rank and moreDuplicate Content CheckerFree
Sitemap DocCreates a sitemapSitemap GeneratorFree
Sitemap GeneratorsGenerate a sitemapSitemap GeneratorFree
Sitemap InspectorValidate your sitemapHTML ToolFree
Social CrawlyticsFind your competitor’s most shared contentSocial Media ToolFree
Social MentionReal-time social media search and analysis. Enter a search term and see who’s sharingSocial Media ToolFree
Social TallySimilar to Shared Count but better on Pinterest metricsSocial Media ToolFree
SortSiteOne-click web site testing tool available as a web application and a Windows desktop application.On Site AnalysisPaid
Spider View SimulatorShows how a search engine spider, robot or crawler views your web page contents.HTML ToolFree
Stack OverflowSource for code and help codingHTML ToolFree
StatCounterFree, quick, and lightweight analytics solution.AnalyticsFree
Swiss army knifeThe Web Developer extension adds various developer tools to the browser.Browser ExtensionPaid
Text Cleanercleans up all kinds of text formatting when copying and pasting between aplications.Content Generation/PromotionFree
TinyeyeFinds out where an image came from, how it is being used, if modified versions of the image exist, or if there is a higher resolution version.ImagesFree
URLitorBulk HTTP Status CheckerSEOFree
TrelloProject management and trackingProject ManagementFree
UbersuggestReturns results of suggested keywordsKeyword ResearchFree
URI ValetTool for digging into server headers, canonical information, analyzing redirect problems and more.On Site AnalysisFree
Validator checksChecks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc.HTML ToolFree
Virante SEO ToolsTools developed for the Virant team, opened up for public use.Multi ToolsFree
Visual Website OptimizerRun A/B tests with a simple online editor that lets you test content without knowing codeA/B TestingPaid
WAVE pluginProvides button options and a menu that will modify the current web page to reveal the underlying accessibility information.Browser ExtensionFree
Wayback MachineSee the history of your website or your competitor’s siteCompetitive IntelligenceFree
WebCEOChecks your rankRank TrackerPaid
webmaster-rank.infoCollects the positions of your sites in Google according to your keywords.Rank TrackerFree
WebMeUpMonitor traffic, social, and search metrics for your website along with your competitorsAnalyticsTrial+Paid
WebPagetestWebsite speed tool.Website SpeedFree
Website Speed TestCheck how fast a web page loads.Website SpeedFree
Whitespark Local Citation FinderFree and paid solutions to find local citationsLink Building/ResearchFree+Paid
Whois LookupFind registration, contact, and administrative information for any domainCompetitive IntelligenceFree
WhoishostingthisGet information about the web host, IP address, name servers & moreHosting and DNSFree
WistiaSEO-friendly solutions for video hostingVideoFree+Paid
WoorankSEO, Social Media, Mobile Optimization, Usability and much more.AnalyticsPaid
WordleCreate beautiful word cloud graphicsImagesFree
Wordstream Free Keyword ToolsTools help generate thousands of keyword suggestions.Keyword ResearchFree
WordtrackerKeyword research suiteKeyword ResearchPaid
Xenu’s Link SleuthCrawl entire sites, find broken links, create sitemaps, and more.On Site AnalysisFree
XML-Sitemaps.comSitemap creation solution in minutesSitemap GeneratorFree
Yahoo PipesCombines different feeds into contentContent Generation/PromotionFree
Yoast WordPress SEO PluginSEO plugin for wordpressOn Site AnalysisFree
YouTube AnalyticsVideo-specific analytics for YouTube videosVideoFree
Text-ToolsOffers semantic analysis of your competitors and your content.AnalysisPaid